Who is Nemo Lebestia?

Nemo Lebestia is a dedicated personal trainer with a unique approach of tailoring fitness programs to clients’ individual needs. He builds strong, judgment-free relationships and provides unwavering support. Nemo believes in the uniqueness of each client and has a remarkable history of success stories of helping clients to achieve significant physical and mental health improvements.

Nemo Lebestia

What inspired you to become a personal trainer and start this journey?

Health & Fitness has always been a passion of mine. Prior to qualifying as a personal trainer I would help friends and family with their workouts and dietary needs. Helping them achieve their goals and watching them change for the better inspired me to pursue personal training as my career.

Fitness for me isn’t just a job, it is a lifestyle.

What sets your training style apart from others? What’s your unique approach?

My unique approach is the relationships that I’m able to build with my clients and ability to adapt and tailor fitness programmes which fits their individual needs. For me it’s important for my clients to feel comfortable and confident that they can approach me with any questions or queries.

I work with a variety of people from busy professionals, to students, to people already in the fitness industry just looking for someone to give them that extra push! My training style is adaptable to all people, at all levels of fitness.

How do you motivate and connect with your clients on a personal level?

As a PT I create a welcoming and non-judgmental environment where clients can feel comfortable sharing their goals, concerns and challenges. Understanding their motivations and taking time to understand why the client wants to achieve their fitness goals.

I lead by example and demonstrate a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. I show my clients that I practice what I preach by maintaining my own fitness levels, and engaging in healthy habits.

I understand that everyone has good days and bad days and I am empathetic and supportive during challenging times that may occur. I offer solutions and help my clients overcome any obstacles which may be impacting their fitness goals.

Are there any fitness philosophies or principles that you strongly believe in and incorporate into your training?

Every client is unique and will have different needs and goals, so the approach will vary depending on the individual. However, the service I provide for my clients will always be the same. Making sure they’re all looked after with care, time, effort and professionalism.

What’s your favourite part about helping people on their fitness journeys?

Knowing that you’ve left a life long positive impact on their lives by helping the client achieve their goals. Whether it be improving their physical fitness, body transformation, enhancing their mental well-being, boosting their confidence or improving their over all quality of life.

Personal training is one of the most fulfilling jobs anyone can have and knowing I’ve changed somebody’s life for the better, allowing them to then succeed in other areas of life brings a sense of accomplishment and job satisfaction to me.

Can you share a memorable success story or client transformation that you’re particularly proud of?

I will keep this short and sweet.

My first ever client initially got in touch with me to workout for her mental health as she was going through some challenging times.

In our first month together I helped her lose 1 stone.

Second month in, she lost another stone.

She went from not being able to walk up the stairs without getting out of breath, to completing 5k runs for fun.

From not going to her local shops or outside because she had no confidence to going out with all the confidence in the world.

From needing so many different medications to keep her stable, needing painkillers to sleep and having zero energy to being medication-free and feeling healthier and more energised.

She went from being suicidal and desperately wanting to end her life to thriving in every aspect of her life.

The above was all 2 months in, in a year she lost a total of 5 stones, that’s 31kg – That’s 68 pounds!

She has changed her whole life around and still to this day is going strong and has now made fitness a part of her lifestyle.



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